If you happen to have a pool in your backyard, then you are probably more than familiar with the cleaning process. There are many steps in that process, the least of which is the chlorine treatment that each and every pool requires. The question you might have at this point is why you would bother to buy a pool cleaning vacuum. One thing that people assume, wrongly we might add, is that the pool filter is capable of cleaning the entire setup.

The pool filter exists to recycle water, and while it might be able to clear bugs out of the water and ensure a generally decent swim, it cannot skim the bottom of the Automatic Above-Ground Pool Cleaner, and it cannot ensure that your lining remains safe. There are a few different types of above ground pool vacuum cleaners, one of which is the underwater rover.

As far as the rovers go there are more than a few out there, and some of them have longer cords than others. Because they are fed electricity from the surface, you will need to make absolutely certain that the model you choose features a cord relative to the size of your swimming pool. This will ensure a thorough cleaning which will ultimately mean a healthier pool environment.

One of the oldest and probably most popular types of pool cleaning equipment is the ‘skimmer’. This is a vacuum that sits above water and drags a net. Many have described the aesthetics of the device as futuristic as it does resemble a high tech aircraft. The net dragged by the skimmer will clean the bottom of the pool quite effectively, though it has often been found that the net enclosure can tear the lining of the pool. It would be best to keep some type of patching kit on hand just in case this actually occurs.

The last type of above ground pool vacuum we will discuss is the Dirt Devil, and this is indeed manufactured by the highly popular vacuum supplier. The dirt devil yet another automatic pool cleaner that will not only take care of the debris on the bottom of the pool, but will also scrub the bottom of the pool clean. If you are someone that enjoys having an aesthetically pleasing swimming area, the Dirt Devil will undoubtedly do a fine job as an above ground pool vacuum.

Keeping your pool clean is important if you wish for it to remain healthy, but that doesn’t mean you should waste your entire life on it. Thanks to modern inventions and conveniences, you don’t have to! You can keep your pool clean, have a life, and spend some time beneath the surface. All of this is made possible by Dirt Devil and the other great above ground pool vacuum companies. Find one you like and try it out today!