Home security surveillance systems aren’t just for Beverly Hills mansions anymore. Security is a concern for everyone, and over the past few decades the cost of securing your home against crime has dropped considerably. Here’s how you can keep your home and your loved ones safe, and save a bundle of money in the process.

Window Alarms

Window alarms are an easy and effective way to protect your home against burglars. The two most important elements of a window security system are:

1. Contacts – these are your first line of defense. Contact pads form a circuit.. if someone opens the window, the circuit is broken and your alarm goes off. You can buy contacts at most hardware and department stores, and they are easy to install on your own. I’ve seen contact pads for sale under 10 dollars.

2. Motion Sensors – if someone does manage to get through your window, a motion sensor will nab them. Basically, these devices scan for movement using sonar, radar or other signals, and sound an alarm if they detect anything out of the ordinary. As technology has improved, these devices have come down considerably in price.

Infrared Motion Detectors

Passive infrared motion detectors are now a common element in most home surveillance systems. These detectors measure the heat of objects in their scan area. If the temperature in an area changes, for example if it suddenly registers a warm object appearing in the area, then the alarm sounds. Outdoor surveillance systems, like you see on many systems that activate a porch light when you move in front of it, often use this technology. they are very affordable, and provide a good deterrent to anyone approaching your property.

Nanny Cams

Small and easily hidden, these little cameras have come a long way. You can find affordable cameras that are highly sensitive (some are more sensitive than your own eyes), and you can place them virtually anywhere in your home. What’s more, you can have them stream live footage directly to your very own secure website, so you can check in and see what’s going on even if you are on vacation. All you need is a laptop, or even a mobile phone with video capability. These cams are an effective, and affordable, addition to your surveillance systems.

Some people have their security system data gathered and sent to remote internetten satış storage, which is a handy option as you don’t have to make the room on your own computers. You’ll pay a reasonable rate for a certain amount of data stored. However, this can get expensive, especially if you have several cameras on the go.

Your Ultimate Set-Up

One way to keep your home security surveillance systems affordable is to wire your door, window and motion sensor alarms to your nanny cams. Set it up so that the cameras only record when the sensors detect movement or a circuit break. That way, you won’t waste recording time or storage space by recording empty rooms. You can also find cameras with built-in motion sensors.