There are many kinds of data entry from home jobs that you can do from the comfort of your own home, in your own time, at your own pace, when you want and where you want. Online data entry jobs include the work of entering data in forms on the computer and working with various computer programs. It’s good to have computer operation skills, which can help you much in getting the work-from-home data entry jobs.

One of the good ways to find great seo data entry home jobs right now is going to outsourcing sites and bid for data entry projects and typing-jobs that can be done from home. These sites are places where people are announcing their projects for other people to bid on. The winning bidder gets the job.

You’ll find there all kinds of projects, writing, marketing, building web sites, and also data entry and typing job projects. These buyers are looking for people and service providers like you who can do for them their data entry, word processing, or typing jobs and similar projects. You can usually do this data-entry work from home.

You’ll find buyers describing the kind of project they need and inviting you or whoever wants to have the job to place a bid on the project and state a price as well as what kind of service you can offer. For example, a person looking for typists or data entry workers will announce what kind of data entry job, transcription project, word processing or other projects he needs to be done. Then, people like you will bid on the project and state what price you will charge for doing the job, and how well you can do it.

Based on pricing and quality of service, you or someone else may win the bid and get the job. So, let’s say you’re looking for a data entry work at home job, then you go to Elance, register and do a simple search for “data entry,” “typing,” typists,” “transcription,” “transcribe,” “typing job,” and so on, then you’ll get some results, listings of relevant open projects related to your search. You can then place your bid, describe briefly how much you want to bid and how well and speedy you can do the job.

You’ll see there are others too who bid on the project, and you’ll be able see the profile of the other bidders and their feedback from previous jobs they’ve done for people listing their projects at these websites, as well as the amounts of money, how much they have already earned from projects. You’ll quickly realize that there are service people who have already earned tens of thousands of dollars from projects there.

So, this is certainly a good place where you can get some home based jobs, including work at home data entry work, information processing and typing jobs. You can get there right now, do a search and start bidding on data entry jobs. Keep in mind these points when bidding to get a home typing jobs or any other work by winning bids at these outsourcing firms:

  • Make sure to learn speed typing, so that you can do the typing jobs or data entry jobs quickly.


  • Make sure you have some good computer operation skills, so that you can enter data in forms, do transcriptions and convert data from MP3s, CD’s, DVD’s, Video, Audio, PDF’s and other programs, or enter information in spreadsheet programs and databases. If you already have experience with data-entry-work, as well as with uploading and downloading files, this is certainly a plus.


  • Make sure you’re reliable and deliver your work on time, so that you get good feedback and win more data entry projects in the future.

Keep these guidelines in mind, and you may soon get some good data entry jobs online that you can do from your own home.