If you have a very beautiful NHL jersey, you definitely want to keep it in good condition. Do you know how to do it? Let me tell you!

Firstly, let’s think about how to keep the NHL jersey number from being washed apart. In order to know that, we ought to find out the composition of the jersey’s number. I have been working in the sportswear selling area for several years, so I have some experience in this field. I hope my advices will be helpful to you.

Actually, there are 3 major kinds of NHL jersey number.

1. The first kind is Normal Thermal Transfer Printing. This kind of jersey number is usually in black color. In this kind of jersey, the ink is directly transferred into a vendor jersey of light color. There is no hand feel when you touch it. After it’s done, it can’t be washed away in normal cases. For example, my own NHL jersey has been worn for 3 years, the number is still clear and clean.

2. The second kind is Original Number Printing and White Sublimation Transfer Printing. We don’t have to know what those complicated words mean. The feature of this kind is the full-page printing which could create great visual effects. An Original Number Printing could be very expensive, although it’s only a piece of paper. But the market demand defines the product price. What is scarce, it is precious. OK, that’s a little out of subject. Let’s get back to business. About the printing, there are 2 types of this printing: Offset Plate and Paper Plate. Luckily, I have tried the paper plate method, and the effect was awesome right after it was done. However, after 3 times of washing the color would drop. So I never use this method anymore since then. The Offset Plate original number lives longer, but it also has the color dropping problem. Since the number is transferred by a very thin membrane, the color will drop coherently piece by piece, unlike the trivial Paper Plate.

3. The third kind is Screen Printing. The biggest difference between Screen Printing and the previous two kinds is that the Screen Printing doesn’t need the high temperature setting. Commonly, the Screen Printing would use computer to design the front stencil such as Logo or number, apply some gum around it to make the mould, and then dry it out. This type of number or Logo usually is very difficult to be washed apart, unless you rub it very hard. Usually the number or Logo can still be clear even after a few years. This method is more suitable for the case that the black color was printed into white color. About the cost, this method is less than Sublimation Transfer Printing but more than Thermal Transfer Printing.

After knowing the three kinds of NHL jerseys, we now can have the corresponding methods for maintaining each kind of the jerseys.

1. If your NHL jersey is the Normal Thermal Transfer, you can be assured to wash your jersey with other clothes in the washing machine. Just let it roll.

2. If your NHL jersey is the Original Number Printing or White Sublimation Transfer Printing, maybe for your jersey’s concern, you’d better take it easy while washing it. Don’t rub it too hard. And you’d better wash it with the inside out. My own NHL jersey with a golden number has been worn for nearly one year. Basically I wash it twice a week. So far it has no color dropping problem. It’s because I wash it with the inside out every time.

3. The Screen Printing would have a rough hand feel, and it doesn’t really matter how you wash it. This kind of jersey is not often used in regular time. Basically it’s used for playing games. So it won’t be washed very often. Maybe 30 times per year would be enough for many people. So you don’t need to worry about the jersey number being washed apart.