Who says that gifts are only for those alive? Naming a star as a memorial is also best to show your love to your love ones and grandparents who have died. They may not personally thank you for the gift you gave but for sure you make them happy wherever they are might be.

Of course you should know that stars are about one trillion in the galaxy, you can’t literally name them after your deceased love ones. You should be aware that it is only in paper. The International Astronomical Union or the IAU is the only certified and authorized organization to name celestial bodies in the galaxy. The IAU declared that celestial body such as stars are named according to their position and locations in the outer space, thus their names cannot be changed.

However, this fact never stops the consumers in buying a star or naming a star as a memorial gift for someone they truly love. Though the process of name a star after someone it is not scientific, the big joy and thankfulness it brings can’t be denied.

The MyStar Global Star Registry Company that is based in Sweden recommends naming a star after someone. For as low as $108 you will now then receive a map that is to show the accurate location of the star named after you deceased love one plus a certificate and a pendant imprinted therein the constellation and its exact match. In addition to these, the registry contributes the 5% of its proceeds to charities including the UNICEF. Also, you can find your star name in global registry book and it reimburses within the 14 days of acquisition.

Naming a star as a memorial or naming it after your love ones, it doesn’t matter. For as long as you give it whole heartedly, you always create big smiles and imprint happiness into their hearts