Zoysia grass is the preferred choice for residential and commercial landscaping. Zoysia grasses adapt to different soil types and are resistant to insects making them an attractive turf for landscapes. As zoysia grass sod is extremely dense it is able to resist weed invasion.

Different species and varieties of zoysia grass used for landscaping

Zoysia grass species vary widely in leaf shape, texture, color and establishment rate. With proper zoysia grass maintenance practices, pest and other problems can be easily avoided. Zoysia grass fertilizer is needed to promote healthy growth and good cover. Although pesticides may be needed at times the use can be minimized if mowing and irrigation is done properly.


  • Zoysia japonica – This species of zoysia venda de grama has coarse grass with light green leaves. It has a faster growth rate and excellent cold tolerance and is used for lawns and general turf areas.
  • Zoysia matrella – It has a slower growth rate and it resembles the bamboo grass in its color, texture and quality. Although this enables you to produce a high quality turf, it requires high maintenance.
  • Zoysia tenuifolia – It is also known as velvet grass and is fine textured. The species is low growing and is often used as an ornamental grass in landscaping.


Zoysia grass establishment

The Zoysia grass is planted with sods, sprigs or plugs. Zoysia japonica is the only species for which zoysia grass seed is used. It is important that a proper site is selected before plantation so that you are able to ensure secure establishment of the grass.

Seeding – Establishing zoysia grass seed is becoming the most popular method of cultivation. The seed requires light for germination and should not be covered with soil. The best time to plant this seed is from April to July. The seed takes 2 – 3 weeks to germinate and 6 – 8 weeks to establish and proper irrigation management is important during this period.

Plugging – Zoysia grass plugs are planted 8 = 12 inches apart and they are tapered in the soil. The soil needs to be kept moist so that the grass gets well rooted. Weeds need to be removed from the bare areas where the zoysia grass plugs are planted so that it does not affect its natural growth.

Sprigs – Sprigging is also an effective method of establishment. The nodes are planted in such a way that the sprigs are exposed to sunlight. The soil needs to be kept moist and covered to initiate growth.

Sodding – If you want an instant turf to cover an entire area, sodding is the preferred choice of establishment. Before doing any activity on the turf, it is important to ensure that the roots are developed and are extended well into the soil.

Tips for maintenance


    • If you want to sustain a healthy lawn, it is important that you have proper fertilization. The overall growth and health of the grass is to a large extent dependent on good fertilization methods. It can also help reduce the vulnerability of this grass to weeds and insects.


    • It is best to do a soil test so that you are able to determine the soil pH level. Based on the test results you may be able to decide on the nutrients that are necessary for the good growth of the grass.


    • Depending on the soil type, fertilizers can be used to help promote health and growth. Different types of fertilizers can be used depending on the specific variety of grass. It is advisable to use fertilizers only after the turf has become completely green.


    • The grass needs to be mowed each week during summers so that it is well maintained. As the grass leaves are coarse you may require a little bit of effort to mow them each week. If you are clipping the grass it should be left on the ground when mowing is done.


    • Watering can help the grass maintain its green color in the absence of rain and irrigation. The watering needs to be done only when necessary. A sprinkler system can be used to water all parts of the turf in a uniform manner.


  • A thick thatch layer develops within a few years of establishment and these needs to be removed at regular intervals so that it has a uniform appearance. Pest control may also be necessary to keep it safe from insects.


The turf performance is affected by various factors that include soil, location, terrain and nutrients in the soil. It is best to read zoysia grass reviews before choosing a particular variety for landscaping.

You can make the choice based on your specific landscaping needs. With a little bit of care and maintenance you may be able to ensure the laws looking its best at all times.